Phoenix Support – Information and advice for BME Women

‘Our aim must be a society in which those born into families of a particular background are not automatically condemned as second-class citizens. We need to create a fair society in which our origins do not determine our destinies. This is regrettably still a long way from our grasp. If you are Black in England you are more than three times more likely to be a victim of murder and four times more likely to be stopped and searched by the police. Fear of crime is also much higher for many ethnic minorities, as is the likelihood of living in poverty...’

Equality and human Rights Commission

Unfortunately due to societal and individual pressures and choices, many families have broken down and need help, advice and support to rebuild and heal.

What is Phoenix Support

Black Minority Ethnic (BME) Women who experience relationship breakdown, poverty, hardship and single parenthood, have expressed that there is a lack of understanding from conventional agencies when they seek support and advice, due to failure to also take into consideration the negative impact that racism, prejudice and social inequality has on their lives. Phoenix support believes that BME women need specific targeted help, advice and information to help them to overcome various obstacles and struggles in life.

Phoenix support can provide information and help for women who are concerned about:

· Loved ones in prison – by exploring the impact on women and families in support groups or through telephone support.

· Youth in gangs – by sharing information on how to keep children safe, why children join gangs, and by signposting parents to possible mentoring organisations for ongoing support.

· Youth involved in Knife/gun crime – by giving urgent Advice / signposting parents to agencies and mentoring schemes if appropriate.

· Lone parents who feel isolated and need support.

· Women experiencing debt/ financial problems who need money and debt management advice.

· Women who are experiencing Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence who need advice , Risk assessment and signposting to other organisations for counselling.

· Women who need drug and Alcohol advice by providing information and signposting to other agencies.